Green & Black’s

Electrify worked alongside PHD Rocket to make Green & Black’s the official sponsor of Art Barter’s launch event; a four day show at the fashionable Rag Factory in the heart of Shoreditch.


Align Green & Black’s colourful new packaging with art and amplify the ‘Chocol’art’ concept


Electrify identified Art Barter, an auction in which people barter for art using alternatives to money, as a perfect sponsorship opportunity which would expose Green & Black’s to opinion leaders, press and members of the art community.

The colourful new Green & Black’s packaging was showcased in a giant piece of ‘Chocol’art’ made by renowned artist Sir Peter Blake using real chocolate bars. The artwork dominated an entire wall of the studio, formerly of Tracey Emin and Gary Hume, and was supported by additional branding throughout the event.

Electrify also ensured every other aspect of the event complimented the Green & Black’s brand including stocking the bar with drinks and refreshments, all of which shared similar brand values.